Dietech Production

This is the complete package, taking the best of all the programs and giving you a detailed meal ticket, production tallies, nutritional analysis of the menu and resident’s meal plan and more.

  • Menu changes and holiday menus can be made in one location and your extension sheets, posting menus, production tallies and tray cards are changed.

  • The Food Service Director can even assign advanced preparations for your meals to be listed on your production tallies.

  • Complicated diet orders are not a problem with our menu cycle.

  • A four week menu cycle is included in the program and can be altered to fit the preferences of your residents and your facility's diet manual.

  • Scalable recipes, complete with nutritional information are included in the program.

  • Selective menus allow the residents to choose meals ahead of time or even for a room service setting.

  • No need for multiple programs (tray ticket software, menu software, weights, etc).

  • The program works well with mid to large size long term care facilities (stand alone and corporate).