Software Automation for
Food Service

PRIME's Dietech helps you save time and be more productive.

Nutritional Analysis. Central Menu Planning. Recipes.

Production Tallies. Extension/Spreadsheets. Selective and Specialized Menus.

Colored Tray Tickets. Specialized Menus. Nourishment and Thickener Labels.

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Latest News Updates
Interactive Logging
In the latest release of Production we have added the ability to track and log every change in the system that is made. This feature request was implemented after many state regulators wanted to see the history of a resident when a backup paper copy could not be found. Simply clicking on the history icon for a given will give you the full details of when it was added/changed and by whom.
Automatic Item Modification (AIM)
AIM allows for you to save even more time when a resident changes diet orders. Instead of having to go through each meal pattern item and making modifications, simply changing the diet order displays a list of all the items that have been automatically changed. One other we are removing redundant work!
High Tech Nutrition Alternative
If you are looking for an alternative to High Tech Nutrition, take a look at our Nutritional Assessment program. Many of the same features you used in High Tech are available in Nutritional Assessment. NA is regularly updated once a quarter with new features based on user feedback.
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Welcome to Dietech.
Software Automation for Food Service.

Dietech is an all-encompassing software program for the Dietary department. It handles all your department's needs and then some. The user friendly program gives you control of your purchasing, expenses, production, labor and clinical needs. Dietech software is always evolving to meet the changing needs and regulations of our users. Dietech is a true asset to any Food Service department in an assisted living, acute care, continuing care retirement community and skilled nursing facility.

Dietech Lite

Tray card software for facilities looking for an electronic meal ticket or wishing to upgrade from a manual or entry level tray card system.

Dietech Nutritional Assessment

Gives your clinical staff the tools and power to work and chart efficiently with our Nutritional Assessment software.

Dietech Plus

The power of Dietech Lite along with Intake Studies, Nutritional Assessments, Recipes, Tube Feed and more.

Dietech Production

The complete package. Detailed meal tickets, production tally, nutritional analysis and more.

Dietech Plan Of Care

Provides you with the tools to provide accurate care of your residents and record the resident’s activities.


A touch screen menu application that can be customized to your nursing and/or assisted living communities dietary needs.