Selective Touch for your Nursing Home or Hosptial

Increase resident satisfaction by offering them a personalized menu based on their diet and preferences while still being able to reduce your food cost!

Simplify Table Side Ordering

Are your residents not getting the exact food they are required to get?

  • Identify and take into account resident dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerance.
  • Creates a more efficient method for taking meal orders thus reducing food waste and time spent collecting orders.
  • Allows for greater accuracy in meal choices desired by residents.
  • Reduces and/or eliminates the need for paper menus that may not be up to date and are a source for germs.

Dietech's eTableServ can help you reduce food waste and costs!

eTableServ is a touch friendly menu application that can be customized to your hospital, nursing and/or assisted living community’s dietary needs!

Resident List

Many of your residents displayed for you so you can efficiently help them with their orders.  You also have the ability to have their picture here for easy identification.

Resident Specific Menus

Menus displaying only the items the resident is allowed to receive with consideration for diet orders, allergies, intolerance's and dislikes.

Item Specific Information

This gives you the ability to give the residents items that are specific to their diet, preferences, and portion sizes.

Resident Payment Method and Serve at Time

Residents can pay at the counter or put a credit on their account. 

eTableServ Features

Bring your Kitchen up to date with the most Advanced Dietary Software

Dietech is an all encompassing dietary software with clinical, menu management, nutritional analysis to efficiently manage food production, menu planning and IDDSI terminology.


What kind of meal service can I use with your product?

You can use this with room service, tableside/restaurant style dining, or taking orders a meal or day ahead.

Can I use this for room-service?

Yes! It can be loaded onto a computer/tablet and orders can be entered as you are speaking to them on the phone

Do I have to use a rotating menu cycle menu?

No, you can use a daily menu and add in daily specials as needed.

Can I use this program in a long term care/nursing home?

Yes, you can use it in any level of care.

Can you help with IDDSI Terminology?

Dietech Software can help with this by color coding and using standard terms. Color your tray tickets, extension sheets, and production tallies to the IDDSI standards. 

  • Consistency Terms can Match IDDSI
  • Tray Ticket Consistency Background and Font Color Matching
  • Extension Sheet Color Matching
  • Production Tallies Broken Down by Food Texture

What else can this program help me with?

Dietech can help you with your manage your residents nutritional preferences

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes! Here is the link to setup a demo with Dietech.

Can your software integrate with EMRs/EHRs?

Yes! We integrate with a lot of different EMRs/EHRs. Please contact us here with your specific provider.

Dietech gives you these Additional Benefits

Tray Tickets

Thermal or paper tickets used by your staff to assemble items on the tray.

Production Tallies

Counts for everything that your kitchen needs to produce.

Nutritional Analysis

Know the nutrients that you are providing your residents or patients.

Table Side Ordering

Tablet style entry for your waitstaff to take on demand orders.

Diet Change Automation

Automating the manual process when a resident’s diet order changes.

EMR Integration

Reduce manual entry and errors by pulling data from your EMR/EHR.


Tray Tickets

Tray tickets are menu based from the resident's diet order, standing orders and food preferences. Each ticket displays exactly what that resident will be receiving. Tickets can be color coded to follow IDDSI standards, this allows your staff to accurately and efficiently process each tray ticket. 

Each ticket also shows the name, room, diet, date, adaptive equipment, allergies and other notes.


Extension Sheets

A report that shows you the breakdown of your menu cycle items for each day and mealtime by diet type and consistency.


Production Tallies

Production tallies include all items on the tray ticket including menu substitutions from the menu cycle and resident specific requests. They are broken down by different portions, consistencies, item types and services items

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