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Dietech Lite

Tray card software for facilities looking for an electronic meal ticket or wishing to upgrade from a manual or entry level tray card system.

Dietech Plus

Takes the Lite program and adds in the menu, allowing the meal ticket to print only the dislikes and likes that pertain to that meal.

Dietech Production

This is the complete package, taking the best of all the programs and giving you a detailed meal ticket, production tallies, nutritional analysis of the menu, resident’s meal plan and more.

Dietech Nutritional Assessment

Software that answers the Dietitian and Dietetic Technician’s question of how do I do more in less time.  The program reduces documentation time allowing the clinician to chart more effectively without sacrificing patient contact.


A touch screen menu application that can be customized to your hospital, nursing and/or assisted living community’s dietary needs.  Wirelessly print menu selections and tray tickets from any location in your building.

Fine Dining

Create a fine dining experience for your residents when you utilize Dietech’s eTableServ’s robust features! You can take your resident’s order with confidence knowing what they see on the menu, is what they can eat. You can customize each diner’s experience, and make them feel special using the customized interface which ties seamlessly to each resident’s dietary record.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Ordering, Planning and Tracking meals for residents can take up valuable time and resources. Making sure special dietary needs are accounted for, tray cards are error free, and leftovers are kept to a minimum are critical to your facility. Dietech interfaces with your resident’s profile to ensure that you deliver on their requirements – every meal, every time!

Dietech Numbers Tell the Story

Dietech users save money, time and wasted food by an average of 35%! Utilizing the Central Menu Planning Feature at your facility can reduce food costs significantly by up to 30%. Your team will spend less time counting and more time creating great meals for your residents. The Purchasing Integration saves the average facility 25% less time when ordering their groceries for future meals.

I love Dietech Lite! Click on what you need done and move on to the next thing, I enjoy it so much! Easy access, click, change order. Technical service is a jewel, love them. They are very patient, step by step instructions, I appreciate it so much.
Sandra Elizabethtown Healthcare & Rehab
North Carolina
Tech support is Tremendous! They are patient and walk you through the basics to things that are a little more detailed. Dietech Plus is exactly what we need, is has a lot of features and its very comfortable to use. Many hidden gems and so user friendly. It works wonderfully, we are extremely pleased.
John Medford Nursing Center
Darlington, South Carolina
Program is very detailed and efficient from all aspects and PRIME Services representatives are very accommodating with any needs! I would highly recommend the Dietech Production program!
Kelley Lockport Rehab and Health Center
Lockport, New York