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Dietech is an all-inclusive software program for the Dietary department. It handles all your department’s needs in one location that is extremely user-friendly. It gives you and your facility the control you need over your purchases, expenses, production, labor and clinical needs. Dietech software is constantly changing and upgrading to meet the individual needs of your facility. There are over 200 reports available and the Customer Support and Technical Service is second to none!  Dietech is a true asset to any Food Service Department in an assisted living, acute care, continuing care retirement community, hospital and skilled nursing facility.

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Nutritional Assessment

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Nutritional Assessment
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Dietech Software

Dietech Lite

Tray card software for facilities looking for an electronic meal ticket or wishing to upgrade from a manual or entry level tray card system.

Dietech Plus

The power of Dietech Lite along with Intake Studies, Nutritional Assessments, Recipes, Tube Feed and more.

Dietech Production

The complete package. Detailed meal tickets, production tally, nutritional analysis and more.

Dietech Nutritional Assessment

Gives your clinical staff the tools and power to work and chart efficiently with our Nutritional Assessment software.


A touch screen menu application that can be customized to your nursing and/or assisted living communities dietary needs.

Online Tools

Dietech Cost Savings Analysis

See how much money and time you can save by switching to Dietech.

Handy References

Essential charts and links for dietary operations.