Medford Nursing Center Darlington, South Carolina


Tech support is Tremendous! They are patient and walk you through the basics to things that are a little more detailed. Dietech Plus is exactly what we need, is has a lot of features and its very comfortable to use. Many hidden gems and so user friendly. It works wonderfully, we are extremely pleased.

Yadkin Nursing Care Center Yadkinville, North Carolina


The Dietech Lite program saves time, We love it ! It is easy to keep up with allergies, diets, food preferences and adaptive equipment. I love the feature where I can divide up all the diets and consistencies, it is great. You guys are very helpful, technical support is so quick, I never have to wait.

Elderwood Affiliates Buffalo, New York


My experience with PSI Buffalo has been amazing! The Dietech Software is intuitive and very user-friendly. In the event any assistance is needed, the customer service team is always easy to contact and incredibly helpful.

Legacy Health Systems Cleveland Ohio


Whether it’s walking me through step by step over the phone or using screen sharing to show me how to perform a function, the tech support at Dietech is top notch! Dietary Managers and Dietitians are easily able to create customized meal tickets and keep track of resident preferences with this program. It’s a game changer.

Suffolk Center for Rehabilition and Nursing Patchogue, New York


It is a pleasure to work with all of your staff, they are very professional and very helpful.

Covenant Place of Sumter Sumter, South Carolina


The program itself is pretty great. Once you know how to navigate through the system, it’s pretty easy to customize the resident meal tickets to meet their needs and preferences. Tech and customer support is outstanding. Tech Support has been wonderfully patient with me every time I have needed them.

Registered Dietitian Lafayette, Louisiana


Worth the Investment! I can’t say enough good things about the program, Nutritional Assessment is easy to use, flexibility is great, it can be tailored to your needs, you can use a little of the program or a lot. Information on assessments and weight matrix is accurate and professional. When Doctors or the State look at the reports and the information they love that it is clear and concise. Technical service is A +, Customer Service is always available, even if the office isn’t open, there is always someone available to help me out, this is my livelihood and I need it to perform and it does!

Elizabethtown Healthcare & Rehab Elizabethtown, North Carolina


I love Dietech Lite ! Click on what you need done and move on to the next thing, I enjoy it so much! Easy access, click, change order. Technical service is a jewel, love them. They are very patient, step by step instructions, I appreciate it so much.

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