Tray card software for facilities looking for an electronic tray card or wishing to upgrade from a manual or entry level tray card system.
— Great for a facility that wants to upgrade from a manual card system.
— BEE and BMI calculations, meal patterns, meal tickets, labels, tallies and more.
— Visual enhancements, such as resident images (portraits), meal tickets printed in color and holiday graphics.
— Tray tickets with ordering based on facility order, room order or alphabetical order.

Gives your clinical staff the tools and power to work efficiently.
— Reduces labor cost in terms of time spent on documentation.
— Professional assessments at a click of a mouse.
— Reports to make your job easier.

The power of Dietech Lite along with Intake Studies, Nutritional Assessments, Recipes, Tube Feed and more.
— Performing intake studies is easy.
— Professional looking Nutritional Assessments can be completed within the program that includes labs, weights, decreasing charting time, etc.
— Recipe scaling, tube feed reports, menu cycles, posting menus, warning notes, tray cards and more.
— Ideal for small to mid size skilled nursing facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

This is the complete package, taking the best of all the programs and giving you a detailed meal ticket, production tallies, nutritional analysis of the menu and resident’s meal plan and more. Works well with mid to large size long term care facilities (stand alone and corporate).
— Menus can be made one location and your extension sheets, posting menus, production tallies and tray cards are changed.
— The Food Service Director can even assign advanced preparations for your meals to be listed on your production tallies.
— Bar coding, centralized menu planning, scalable recipes, production control, selective menus and more.

Provides you with the tools to provide accurate care of your residents and record the resident’s activities.
— Central location to record your residents activities.
— Give your staff the information needed to take care of the residents.