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Features Lite Nutritional Assessment Plus eTableServ Production
Auto Notes – Resident Heights, & Weights
Bar Coding
BEE Calculations
BMI Calculations
Calorie Requirements
Centralized Menu Planning
Color Plate Analysis
Cost Savings
Diet Fluctuation History
Discharge Summary Report (Customizable)
Drug Allergies
Feeding Status (MDS, PRI, Facility, Free Text)
Fluid Requirements
Food Allergies
Food Group Classification
IBW/Adjusted IBW
Intake Studies
Lab Results
Meal Pattern
Meal Pattern – Enhanced/Adjustments
Medications (Routine & prn) w/ Side Effects
Menu Cycle
Menu Cycle – Enhanced
Multiple Diet Order Adjustments
Notes (Progress)
Nutritional Analysis (Menu/Resident/Intake Study)
Problems, Goals & Approaches (Care Plans)
Production Areas (Hot/Cold/User Defined)
Production Control
Protein Requirements
Recipe Scaling
Resident – Attendance
Resident – Chewing Ability
Resident – Diet Order Review Flag
Resident – Emergency Contact Info
Resident – Nutritional Assessment Flag
Resident – Preferences (Likes/Dislikes)
Resident – Prescriber/Doctor
Resident – Archive Information
Resident – Food/Temp Requests
Security – Roll Based
Selective Menu Entry Screen
Selective Menus
Servery/Room Service
Service Items
Special Devices/Adaptive Equipment
Special Event Requisition
Supplement Acceptance
Tray Line (Trucks, Sets, Carts)
Tray Ticket – Duplicate Option
Tray Ticket – Mat Colors
Tray Ticket Visualizer
Tube Feed – Automatic Calculations
Tube Feed – Product Downloads
Weight Flag
Weight History
Tray Ticket – Item Color
Menu Cycle – Syncing
Meal Pattern – Global
Resident Images (Portraits)
Menu & Nourishment Cost Analysis
Weight Chart
Resident – Advance Directives
Fluid Requirements Warning
Assessment – Tubefeed – Monthly
Nutrition Care Process
Meal Acceptance
IADL/ADL Scheduler
Domain Management
Domain – Problems
Domain – Interventions and Approaches
Domain – Service Needs
Domain – Responsible Party
Domain – Scoring Based Level of Care
Resident – Religious/Ethnic Preferences
Resident – Physical Data
Resident – Skin/Pressure Sores
Tube Feed – RDI Percent
CAA/CAT Triggers
Assessment – Template – Comprehensive
Nutritional Recommendations w/ Disciplines
Guests – Attendance
Guests – Recurring
Guests – Selective Menu
Guests – Meal Pattern/Adjustments
Calorie Calculation – Harris - Benedict
Calorie Calculation – Energy per Kilogram
Calorie Calculation – Mifflin St. Joer
Auto Item Modification – Meal Pattern
Auto Item Modification – Selective Menu
Menu Cycle – Holiday
Menu Cycle – Emergency
Selective Touch – (Tablet Style Entry)
Selective Touch – Flags (Add On, To Go)
Selective Touch – Delayed Printing
Resident – Name Alert
Selective Touch – Mealtime & Item Notes
Security – LDAP/Active Directory
Security – Single Sign On
Assessment – Tubefeed – Comprehensive
Assessment – Template – Quarterly
Assessment – Template – Skin
Diet Order Flag – Not Assigned
Tray Line Flag – Not Assigned
Selective Touch – Nutritional Analysis
Selective Touch – Modifiers
Selective Touch – Resident/Patient Notes
Selective Touch – Food Allergies
Selective Touch – Adaptive Equipment
Menu Cycle – Always Served/Available
Credits – Mealtime Tracking
DRI – Auto Assign on Diet Order
DRI – (Dietary Reference Intake)


Reports Lite Nutritional Assessment Plus eTableServ Production
Beverage Tally
Birthday Report
Cardex – Enhanced
Chargeable (Labels & Tally)
Fiber (Labels & Tally)
Food Allergies
Meal – Acceptance
Med Pass – Acceptance (Daily & Weekly)
Med Pass – Summary
Nourishment – Acceptance (Daily & Weekly)
Nourishment (Labels & Tally)
Posting Menu – Daily
Posting Menu – Diet Specific
Posting Menu – Extension Sheets
Posting Menu – Resident
Posting Menu – Week at a Glance
Production Tally – Extended
Resident List
Selective Menus (Customizable)
Special Devices/Adaptive Equipment
Special Needs
Thickener (Labels & Tally)
Tray Line Locator
Tray Tickets
Tray Tickets – Flag Alcohol
Tray Tickets – Flag All Disposable
Tray Tickets – Flag Aspiration Precaution
Tray Tickets – Fluid Restriction
Tray Tickets – Flag Hydration Program
Tray Tickets – Flag Intake Study
Tray Tickets – Flag Isolation Tray
Tray Tickets – Flag No Straws
Tray Tickets – Flag NPO
Tray Tickets – Flag Renal
Tray Tickets – Flag Sugar Free Condiments
Tray Tickets – Flag Weight Management
Tray Tickets – Notes
Tube Feed – Worksheet
Tube Feed – Calculations
Weight – Matrix
Weight – Triggers
Resident List – Water Pass
Water Pass
Nourishment – Cost Analysis
Tray Line Override
Tube Feed – Products per Resident
Tray Tickets – Flag Nutritional Program
Resident List – Labels
Posting Menu – Always Served
Supplement Acceptance
Tray Tickets – 3 Part
Tray Tickets – 4 Part
Tray Tickets – 6 Part
IADL/ADL Worksheet
IADL/ADL Schedule
Resident Service Plan
Resident Evaluation and Level of Care
Service Planning Guide
Resident List – Extended
Weight – Daily/Monthly/Weekly
Weight – Significant Gain/Loss
Auto Notes – Diet Orders
Tray Tickets – Thermal (Receipt)
Cenus – Resident and Guest
Diet Order Change History
Portion Census
Production Tally – Summary
Production Tally – Combined
Production Tally – Cooks
Tray Tickets – Customizable
Production Tally – By Unit/Floor
Tray Tickets – Color Customizable
Tray Tickets – Flag Customizable
Tray Tickets – Thermal (Print Cats, Expo)
Tray Tickets – Thermal (Menu Ticket)
Tray Tickets – Group on Name
Production Tally – By Cart


Hosting & Support Lite Nutritional Assessment Plus eTableServ Production
Live Interactive Technical Support
Offsite Hosting
Training – Onsite
Web Accessible
Training – Remote
ADFS – Active Directory Federation Services