Automatic Diet Order Changes (AIM)

  • Dietech will review resident’s current meal pattern and adjustments and automatically change applicable food items with diet and consistency changes.
  • When a new change is entered, Dietech reviews the resident’s meal pattern, and gives you a list of items that should be changed.  You have the option to apply those changes automatically, disregard or override.  This process can be configured to run in the background without any user intervention.  Therefore allowing you to move on to the next resident quicker.
  • If the resident is on selective menu, and staff has already entered in their selective menus, when there is a diet order change or adjustments to the meal pattern, the previously entered menu choices are automatically adjusted.
  • Allows for temporary diet orders.  For example, a resident is placed on altered texture for denture repair.  Imagine if a resident has 3 meal pattern items; toast in the morning, sandwich in the afternoon and an apple at supper.  The resident’s diet order is temporarily altered to puree consistency for 48 hours, Dietech will automatically adjust the toast and sandwich to puree consistency, and replace the apple with applesauce or as directed by the facility’s diet manual.  Then after 48 hours, the resident’s meal pattern items are reverted back on its own.