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Dietech Software creates the dining experience you want for your residents and the efficiencies you need in production.
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Perfect for smaller facilities and converting from a manual system

  • Basic Meal/Tray Ticket
  • Meal Pattern
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Nourishment Labels
  • Beverage and Meal Tallies
  • More Features...

Ideal for medium and larger long term care facilities

Everything in Lite and...

  • Basic Menu Cycle
  • Tube Feed
  • Special Needs
  • Weights and Management
  • Meal Report with Dislikes
  • More Features...

Electronic Touch Ordering

(Included in Production)

  • Room Service
  • Bedside Ordering
  • Restaurant Style
  • Meal Credit Management
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • More Features...


Restaurant Style Ordering

Reasons to Switch to Dietech

An ever evolving software solution that grows with your needs

  • Food and Labor Savings
  • Reduce Production Waste
  • Improve Resident Satisfaction
  • Interfacing with EMR/EHR
  • Menu Nutritional Analysis
  • 4500+ Scalable Recipes
  • Customized Features
  • User Security and Tracking
  • Simultaneous Users and Devices
  • Interactive Training and Support

I love Dietech Lite! Click on what you need done and move on to the next thing, I enjoy it so much! Easy access, click, change order. Technical service is a jewel, love them. They are very patient, step by step instructions, I appreciate it so much.

Elizabethtown Healthcare & Rehab
North Carolina

Tech support is Tremendous! They are patient and walk you through the basics to things that are a little more detailed. Dietech Plus is exactly what we need, is has a lot of features and its very comfortable to use. Many hidden gems and so user friendly. It works wonderfully, we are extremely pleased.

Medford Nursing Center
Darlington, South Carolina

Program is very detailed and efficient from all aspects and Dietech representatives are very accommodating with any needs! I would highly recommend the Dietech Production program!

 Lockport Rehab and Health Center
Lockport, New York