PCC Integration – EMR Integration

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PCC Integration – EMR Integration

PCC Integration with Dietech

Dietech and PCC have a seamless integration and provides real-time updates from PCC.
This EHR integration saves the user time because your residents' information is pushed into Dietech eliminating double entry of information like new admissions, room changes, diet changes, etc. More of the benefits are listed below.
  • Automatic Resident Admit/Discharge
  • Automatic Diet Order Update (Meal pattern and selective menus are automatically updated to reflect this)
  • Automatic Food Allergies (Related adjustments updated, future selective menus updated to reflect food allergies)
  • Special Needs, Adaptive Equipment and Feeding Status.
  • Room Changes
  • General Resident Information (Height, Weight, Name, Physician, etc)
  • Weight History


How Easy is it to get started?

Diet Orders - Our Physicians enter random things in the Diet Order.  How will that interface with Dietech?

New Admissions/Discharges - How do I know when a resident has been admitted/discharged from PCC?

Resident Goes to Hospital - Do they get deleted or discharged inside Dietech?

Return Resident - When a resident returns from a hospital, will all of the data be brought back into Dietech?  For example, food preferences. 

How Long does it take to get started?

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