Menu Cycle Features

  • Always Served/Always Available – Food/beverages available at a particular mealtime that can be put on daily rotation. For example, you can have on rotation a ham sandwich on Monday, tuna salad on Tuesday, grilled cheese on Wednesday, etc.
  • AIM – With AIM you are teaching the program how an item is extended.  In the menu cycle, when you add/replace an item, that item is automatically extended for you, keeping you consistent with the diet manual of your facility/hospital.  Exceptions can be made to the AIM when needed, for example, a holiday.
  • Syncing Items – Items that are repeated on your menu multiple times can be linked together to ensure they are extended the same way throughout the menu.  Saving you time when changes in the menu need to be made for an items.  Synced items can be changed on one day and any corresponding days are also changed.  For example, 8 oz milk is served each day at breakfast and the Renal Diet has been changed to receive 4 oz. Changing this on day 1 will change it for all of the linked days of your menu cycle at breakfast.